Aly is practical, grounded and insightful

I’ve had the good fortune to take a number of classes with Aly over the last few years and to also work with her one on one. Aly is practical, grounded and insightful – after working with her it becomes obvious that she is tuned into spirit and not at all dogmatic – I think anyone wanting to make spiritual growth a part of their life can benefit immensely from her guidance and inspiration

Alex Madsen
Skype client

She is gifted and a true blessing to her students and the world

Aly puts a tremendous amount of heart and thought into her spiritual guidance and teaching. She has a strong intuitive sense about individual, groups, process and ritual. She knows when to gently push the limits and when to honor boundaries. She is gifted and a true blessing to her students and the world


Aly’s work is so supportive and enriching

Aly’s work is so supportive and enriching. She provides the tools and the practices to help deepen your own practice – with great wisdom, humility and humor!

Ann Strickland
Skype Client

Aly is the supreme teacher

Aly is the supreme teacher. Aly listens to you with a loving heart, answers your questions with ancient spiritual awareness.

Terri Turner
Skype Client

Aly offers more than yoga

Aly offers more than yoga, she provides an atmosphere of healing and peace. Her poise and grace lift sorrow and spread light. She is a presence of love.
Aly entered my family’s world during a time of crisis. Our beloved daughter was struggling from post traumatic stress, anxiety and a resulting auto-immune disorder. It was devastating. Aly has been an angel to our daughter and family. She provided our daughter with a safe and soothing activity, an activity where she was celebrated for her beautiful soul not judged for her fears and illness. Aly was sweet and patient. She taught the fundamentals of yoga but she also taught our daughter how to self soothe and manage anxiety through customized malas and the beautiful chanting of mantras. Aly also educated our daughter on the history of yoga and talked about enlightenment. She opened the door to spirituality and has provided the foundation for self discovery, healing and universal love. In addition to helping our daughter, Aly recognized a family in crisis. Her hugs, gifts and prayers have lifted our family and eased our pain. Having Aly in our home has been a beautiful experience. We are full of gratitude for everything she has done for our daughter and family.
Sarah Remy

A thousand thanks Aly

The retreat was so transformational, it’s hard to describe. It’s not an exaggeration to say it was one of the best times of my life. I was in utter peace the whole time in different activities, chanting was beautiful sound, meditations were beautiful stillness, seva was beautiful action. Walking on the beach silently chanting at sunset with people I love so much, it created a sweet memory I’ll never forget. I am so thankful for the time and love you put into choosing the focus and the mantras. You offer a full, deep practice and you don’t underestimate that your students want to undertake it fully and can handle it. You give so much knowledge and support, it makes such a deep practice possible even for sincere beginners on the path. I hope there are many more retreats and chances to be together in our loving group. A thousand thanks Aly!

Suzanne T

The intensity of this retreat was truly magical

The intensity of this retreat was truly magical. I feel like so many things came up for me in so many good ways. The days following the retreat were filled with insights that were sparked from our lessons and meditations at the retreat. I would recommend this to anyone that is interested in transforming their lives.

Joel Turner

I just love this group

I just love this group. The chanting is beautiful, the people are warm, inclusive and even funny. In a way, it’s how to be spiritual in the “real” world.


Aly has the voice of an angel!

Aly has the voice of an angel! You could feel divine presence in that place.


This group is such a blessing!!

Another wonderful evening of healing mantra! Thank you Aly for your generosity of spirit and for contributing so well to the world. This group is such a blessing!!

This group is fantastic!

I love this group so far. My experience was very peaceful and beautiful, and the positive energy I experienced was exactly what I needed. This group is fantastic!

thank you”, for tonight, and for all that it has done, and may do

Just walked in, and i don’t know if these two words will convey what I wish to deeply convey, nor if they’ll be received as i hope that they can be received…. …… “thank you”, for tonight, and for all that it has done, and may do.

Chas Sundling

I am very grateful for Aly’s patience, guidance, and acceptance

Thank you for welcoming me! As an inexperienced “newbie” I am very grateful for Aly’s patience, guidance, and acceptance. I am fortunate to have found this group. Having lost my way years ago, my hope for healing has been sparked. I believe I’m on the right path now to find the inner-peace and self-love I seek. Thank you Universe for leading me to the exact place I need to be. Namaste.

Lisa S.

Aly was a wonderful leader in Mantra

I love it, teacher Aly was a wonderful leader in Mantra, she has a beautiful voice, she is very learned in mantra, the people are fun and very spiritual.


It’s wonderful. I recommend it to everyone

It’s wonderful. I recommend it to everyone.

Joel Preston Smith

Thanks Aly for creating this group

Tonight was my first time. Aly was welcoming, as were the other group members. The room is clean and comfortable. The healing mantra’s felt great. Aly is a delightful teacher and sang the mantras with a beautiful voice. I left feeling energetic and alive. Thanks Aly for creating this group. I feel so lucky to have found this opportunity for growth.

Tim Hallrud