Time and the Yugas

I was requested to write this blog about the Yugas by one of my students. What are the Yugas and how do they affect us here and now? Well according to the Vedas, an excellent explanation is given to time and how time is counted in Vedic terms. In the Vedas, time is divided up into long cycles and short cycles thought of as seasons of consciousness i.e. winter, spring, summer and fall. In the long cycles, the winter season is called Kali Yuga. It lasts [...]

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Why Sanskrit Mantra Works – Part 3.

Last week, I spoke about how the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna were the three main Nadis in the Pranic Body. This week we are going to talk about the 6 main Chakras that reside in those places where the three supreme Nadis intersect. Chakras are these energy vortexes within the pranic body. They are like energy distribution centres – concentrated psychic energy whirlpools of different coloured vibrational light. They take in energy and distribute it to the appropriate places around the body systems. Chakra in Sanskrit [...]

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Why Sanskrit Mantra works – Part 2.

So last week I explained how Sanskrit Mantra works with regards to the spiritual tradition of the Sanskrit language and also the creative power behind it as well. This week, I’d like to go into a more nuts and bolts approach to how Sanskrit Mantra effects our bodies and our spiritual nature. First, I’d like to say that, I will only be touching this topic in a very general way, as really to go into depth on the subject would look more like a book than [...]

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Chanting for Others- the Essence of Mantra practice!

Many people ask me – Can I chant for others? And my answer is a resounding “Yes”. Chanting for others is the best way to chant. It benefits the person(s) you are chanting for and also benefits you. There are a few ways you can go about chanting for others. Maybe you have a particular someone in mind who needs some help – a friend maybe or partner, or maybe someone you just met that is in some difficulty or a family member. Sit quietly where [...]

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Why Sanskrit Mantra works – Part 1.

Sound is the creative force of the universe and beyond. Through sound, we shape our world, the world we experience on the outside and the world that feels more hidden, on the inside. (Though they are one and the same – this is how we experience things – separate.) Through sound in the form of speech, we communicate our ideas, thoughts, and create our lives. Think about it…. have you ever chosen where to live without talking about it first? – putting your ideal place to [...]

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All the Answers are within You.

When we start a spiritual path, it is natural that we go looking for people to help us. We look for teachers and others who are further ahead of us. We hope that this teacher or that teacher will take our problems away -will heal our pain and fix our lives, or at least set us in the right direction. We search for just the right book that will fill us with knowledge. We read books from this writer or this philosophical erudite in the hope [...]

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All about Malas

Malas are a great tool in Mantra Yoga. They help you keep count of your repetitions. But that’s not all, there is a lot associated with malas, with their care and upkeep and their significance in your practice. A mala is a string of 108 beads of either wood, seeds, pearls or semi-precious/precious stones. It has a 109th bead which is called the Meru bead which sits at the head of the mala. It is said to be that bead that retains all the energy of [...]

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Navigating the Student / Teacher Relationship

The spiritual student/teacher spiritual relationship is one of the most challenging, delicate and precarious relationships that we can encounter in our lifetime. Primarily, because it is not a normal relationship, as there is a huge power imbalance Depending on how advanced the teacher is, there is tremendous faith needed from both the student and sometimes from the teacher. A student needs to have faith that the teacher has something to teach you and that they have reached a certain spiritual level that they won't take advantage [...]

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Using Sankrit mantra in Meditation practice.

So far we have discussed how to use Sanskrit Mantras as spiritual disciplines by themselves. Today, I thought we could talk about using them in Meditation, doing two disciplines at the same time. Sanskrit Mantra has been used in Meditation for millennia. It has a different feel though from normal recitations. First, we sit ready for meditation. Let your mind relax and start to focus on your breath. As your nervous system relaxes and you feel the calm starting to descend, you can begin to introduce [...]

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Time – Your Great Friend.

Time is one of the subjects that can get people crazy. It can seem, in this world, we don’t have enough of it…..or too much of it…. or it’s not treating us kindly.. or ...or. As I said it gets people crazy. But really time is our great friend. Especially in the world of spiritual development through Sanskrit Mantra and Meditation. When I first started practising meditation I was in my early teens. I had no clue what I was doing particularly, but there was something [...]

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