Daring to be Audacious

Whenever we sit down to meditate or do our Mantra practice, what goes through our minds? Do we sit with the intention to just feel a little better – or do we sit with the intention of becoming enlightened – radically transforming our lives and everyone’s around us? Our intention in practice is paramount. I remember about 13 years ago,  I was sitting in a hall with a group of about sixty seekers. We were listening to a Swami talk about the spiritual path. He was [...]

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Using a Spiritual Diary

One of the most helpful tools one can use on their spiritual path is a Spiritual Diary. Simply, it is a discipline of writing down your meditation experiences and feelings of that day. You can choose your diary in whatever form you like, whether it’s your computer or tablet or a book. But personally I feel, a really beautiful book, that is beautiful with a good quality paper that the pen glides on, is worth the investment. I love feeling the beautiful binding and the smell [...]

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Acceptance of what is.

Have you ever had a week where it feels like you are rolling a large boulder up a steep hill? Nothing is going right and things just feel like they are not clicking. There’s miscommunication and missed opportunities – it can feel like the world is falling all around you. What to do when life gets like that? Acceptance – I feel is the key. Acceptance of what is. One of the first things we can do, when things become unbearable, is to find a quiet [...]

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The different ways of saying Mantras

When repeating Mantras it helps to figure out what’s the best way to say them for you. There are four ways to repeat Mantras and do Japa Yoga: The first is to repeat the mantra out loud. This is known as Vaikhari Japa. Most beginning students and adepts alike use this form of Japa. First find a quiet peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed, sitting either in a yoga meditation posture or on a chair, gather your mala and start saying the Mantra out loud. [...]

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The Spiritual Practice of Gratitude

One of the most important practices to develop along the spiritual path is gratitude. It helps us stay grounded, be teachable and appreciate just how connected we all are. Without gratitude on the path, we have put ourselves in jeopardy of possibly expanding our arrogance and further spiralling in the world of Samsara – the cyclic existence that is fraught with our mental conditioning and deluded way of experiencing life. When we have gratitude to all who are helping us and have helped us in the [...]

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Persistance Paves the Way

One of the best ways to accumulate any kind of spiritual wealth is to practice Sanskrit Mantras and Meditation daily over a long period of time. One may see quick results after just starting a spiritual practice but the real fruits of practice, in my experience, come after years of sustained effort. This is good and bad news. What’s great is; it’s in your hands, you have the power to create a sustainable daily practice. You have the power to change your life – to reach [...]

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The Great Mani

There are some Mantras that are so powerful and useful that they far surpass their Mantra brother and sisters and are in a league of their own. The Great Mani is one such Mantra along with the Great Gayatri. The seer of the Mani Mantra is Chenrezig. Chenrezig, also known as Avalokiteshwara, was a great being who had already reached such an enlightened state that it was time for him to pass from this plane to the next. It is said that as he was approaching [...]

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Tara – The Liberatress

Tara is the great Liberatress of the Buddhist tradition. Tara is not a Goddess, She is a Buddha and in this way delineates Herself from the Vedic Pantheon of Goddesses. Buddhas are emanations of our highest qualities – dynamic aspects of Compassion or Activity. The Buddhist deities are believed to be ‘highly symbolic representations of aspects of Awakened Mind’ (Ken Mcleod) or as I like to put it, Divine Presence. Tara means Star in Sanskrit. Although there are 21 forms, the most popular are Green Tara [...]

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Working with Energy overloads

So you’ve been working with Mantras for a while now, maybe you are working on a 40-day discipline and you are noticing that you are feeling tired- more than is customary. Maybe your significant other is mentioning that you seem more testy than usual. This could be a sign of sensory overload. When we repeat Mantras, we are, in a sense, re-tuning our energy body. Sometimes this retuning brings in a little too much energy. More than we can safely process and this causes our body [...]

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How to set up a 40 Day Chanting Discipline

Often times, after people have been chanting awhile, they feel ready to take on a chanting discipline of some sort. A chanting discipline is a commitment to chant a particular Sanskrit Mantra or grouping of Mantras for a certain determined time that works on an issue you’d like help with. A good way to go about it is to first figure out the most important issue you want to work on: Health, Abundance, Spirituality, Anger, Fear … Love. The options are as varied as we are. [...]

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