Transforming Grief

So my mother finally passed on the 15th and it was a bittersweet moment. I had often wondered throughout the years how I would react to the call from my sister, Sally. My mother had been sick for a long time, so it was not unexpected. But still, the words laid heavy in my ears. I am grateful that she is now released from her pain and discomfort and free. I suppose everyone reacts differently to grief, and to be honest I think I’m still in [...]

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Living with the Dying

Death has been on my mind a lot lately as my Mother is in the process of dying. My Mother who was bigger than life is now a small wisp of a thing. Silent. She has to be turned every couple of hours so as to prevent bedsores and has stopped eating and drinking. Her time is short. Over the past few years of my sisters and I coming to terms with her going; wondering if ‘today is the day’, the sudden phone calls, the crying, [...]

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The Great Gayatri

The story goes, that at the beginning of time, shortly after the creation of the universe, there was the first fire ceremony performed by the ancient Rishis (sages). It was during this fire ceremony that the four Vedas were imparted, the 50 Sanskrit alphabet which makes up all Sanskrit Mantras and the Gayatri Mantra. The Gayatri Devi is known as the Mother of the Vedas, the source of Divine Wisdom. The Gayatri Mantra is the great calling of spiritual light into the practitioner. It petitions the [...]

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Embodying Presence in the Present

About seventeen years ago, I was driving into New York City from Connecticut. It was a gorgeous Fall day as the trees had all turned their glorious reds and yellows that ran along the Hudson River. I had been contemplating during my meditation, the day before, this Presence I had felt during meditation, as I drove. I had this sense of this larger than the energy that surrounded me with this protective feeling. It seemed to take over the whole car like a large bubble. I [...]

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Giving thanks for our blessings

Every year around this time, as people’s attention shift to the Thanksgiving table, I hear the excitement in peoples voices about the upcoming holidays. Usually, they are looking forward to seeing their family of origin or family of choice. But in a vast majority of people, I also hear a deep down dread. For some, it is seeing a particular sibling or relative that they have difficulty with. For others, I hear despair over not having a family or friends nearby to spend the holidays with. [...]

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Breaking through Spiritual Road Blocks

For anyone who has been meditating awhile and has been tempted to give up the practice or if you are someone who has wanted to begin a meditation practice and hasn’t, there comes a point when you realize that there is some kind of energetic block that seems to be stopping you in your tracks. It may appear as a desire to not keep up your meditation practice. It may come as a dry spell in a normally rich inner life or you may feel like the [...]

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Clearing away negative thought patterns.

The first Mantra that I learnt was ‘OM SHANTI’. A simple Sanskrit Mantra that means; ‘OM’ – the primordial sound and ‘Peace’. As an inquisitive beginner on the spiritual path at nineteen years of age, I was drawn like a moth to a flame by the other-worldly feel of those words. Standing on a yoga mat in a carpeted yoga studio in New York City’s Westside village in 1986, I was transported to a place inside myself of deep silence and peace. These twenty-six years later [...]

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Transforming your financial karma

Today it seems you can’t open a newspaper or news web site without being inundated with the financial woes of the world. So many of us are concerned about our financial futures. Whatever the world is going through in its financial Lila – play – of the day, once we have the understanding that everything in this world is karma, we can step back out of the fray and consider our options. Sanskrit Mantra is the ancient practice of repeating the names of the Divine. In my [...]

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3 Sanskrit Mantras for Abundance

The Dvine Goddess Lakshmi – Goddess of Abundance 3 Sanskrit Mantras for Abundance These last few years have been a true challenge financially for many. We have seen our financial systems waver on the brink of devastation. Even today, we are witnesses to the European financial struggle which is hurting so many lives in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. But how is it that during these tumultuous times there seems to be many who continue on with their lives in great abundance. That there [...]

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A Peaceful Mind and addictions

Oftentimes, we are saddled in this life with a challenging problem like an eating issue that makes us too big or too thin for us, or a smoking habit that we just can’t shake. And while the medical community does their best to help, we become acutely aware that it is our minds that are the problem. Once we have figured that it is our minds that need to transform – that our thinking needs to be cleaned up and that our choices all stem from [...]

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