Meditation space

When we feel cluttered in our space where we meditate and do our Mantra practices, our peacefulness can suffer. Clearing out those items not needed, creating a setting that is both harmonious and beautiful will help inspiring you to keep to your practice goals. But how do we clear out some of that crappy energy that sometimes lingers around our house...

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What are Sanskrit Mantras and why do I need them?

Many people have heard of Mantras and have wondered: What are Mantras? How do they work? They hear of them from someone who has been practicing yoga, or someone who’s working with a Guru – A lot of Mantras are given in secrecy between teacher and student. But now in this time of Kali Yuga – the information age that we are in – Mantras are becoming more accessible again. But what are these Mantras and how can they help you? I have begun this blog [...]

What are Sanskrit Mantras and why do I need them?2018-12-22T20:43:57+03:00