The Power of Sanskrit Mantra

  I am always humbled by the power of Sanskrit Mantras in difficult situations. They have the power to turn any situation into a blessed one. After a challenging conversation with an ex this morning, my heart was hurt, my head was reeling and I felt at sea as to what to do. After decades of practice, I have learned to turn to my practice of Mantra repetition when in distress, so thankfully my mind turned to their rescue. Quickly , I jumped into my Meditation [...]

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A 40 Day Chant for Abundance, Peace, Health and Spiritual Realization for All in the New Year!

Today I am going to start a 40 day Mantra Discipline that will end on New Year’s Eve. I am chanting for Abundance, Peace, Health and Spiritual Realization in the New Year for all. Will you join me? Starting today the discipline will end on New Years Eve. Here are the Mantras I will be doing: 1. Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha 2. Om Gum Shrim MahaLakshmiyei Namah 3. Om Vakra Tundaya Hum 4. Om Shri Davantre Namaha 5. Om Vajra Sattwa Hung 6. Om Astai Shvaryayei [...]

A 40 Day Chant for Abundance, Peace, Health and Spiritual Realization for All in the New Year!2018-12-22T20:49:14+03:00

What is a Guru? Who is the Guru?

So many people ask me about what a guru is. On the spiritual path it is one of the most crucial questions one needs to have clarity of, or at least some good guidance, otherwise it sets us up for trouble and possible heartache. There is only one Guru – the great grace bestowing power of the Divine. This aspect of the Divine has many names but is beyond all names and concepts. That’s the first thing to get straight. It is not a person. That [...]

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All the Answers are within You.

Meditation Box of Karma Lodro Rabsel, a 31 year old Scottish monk, who is currently on the Isle of Arran doing a four year Kagyu Buddhist retreat. When we start a spiritual path, it is natural that we go looking for people to help us. We look for teachers and others who are further ahead of us. We hope that this teacher or that teacher will take our problems away -will heal our pain and fix our lives, or at least set us in the right [...]

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Daring to be Audacious

Whenever we sit down to meditate or do our Mantra practice, what goes through our minds? Do we sit with the intention to just feel a little better – or do we sit with the intention of becoming enlightened – radically transforming our lives and everyone’s around us? Our intention in practice is paramount. I remember about 13 years ago,  I was sitting in a hall with a group of about sixty seekers. We were listening to a Swami talk about the spiritual path. He was [...]

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Persistance Paves the Way

One of the best ways to accumulate any kind of spiritual wealth is to practice Sanskrit Mantras and Meditation daily over a long period of time. One may see quick results after just starting a spiritual practice but the real fruits of practice, in my experience, come after years of sustained effort. This is the good and the bad news. What’s great is; it’s in your hands, you have the power to create a sustainable daily practice. You have the power to change your life – [...]

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Working with Energy overloads

So you’ve been working with Mantras for a while now, maybe you are working on a 40 day discipline and you are noticing that you are feeling tired- more than is customary. Maybe your significant other is mentioning that you seem more testy than usual. This could be a sign of sensory overload. When we repeat Mantras, we are, in a sense, retuning our energy body. Sometimes this retuning brings in a little too much energy. More than we can safely process and this causes our [...]

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How to set up a 40 Day Chanting Discipline

Often times, after people have been chanting awhile, they feel ready to take on a chanting discipline of some sort. A chanting discipline is a commitment to chant a particular Sanskrit Mantra or grouping of Mantras for a certain determined time that works on an issue you’d like help with. A good way to go about it, is to first figure out the most important issue you want to work on: Health, Abundance, Spirituality, Anger, Fear … Love. The options are as varied as we are. [...]

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Giving thanks for our blessings

Every year around this time, as people’s attention shift to the Thanksgiving table, I hear the excitement in peoples voices about the upcoming holidays. Usually, they are looking forward to seeing their family of origin or family of choice. But in a vast majority of people, I also hear a deep down dread. For some, it is seeing a particular sibling or relative that they have difficulty with. For others, I hear despair over not having a family or friends nearby to spend the holidays with. [...]

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Breaking through Spiritual Road Blocks

For anyone who has been meditating  awhile and has been tempted to give up the practice or if you are someone who has wanted to begin a meditation practice and hasn’t, there comes a point when you realize that there is some kind of energetic block that seems to be stopping you in your tracks. It may appear as a desire to not keep up your meditation practice. It may come as a dry spell in a normally rich inner life or you may feel like the meditation practice you’d [...]

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