The Universal Language of Sanskrit Mantra

I was was walking through the Olive groves today and I stopped to hear a bird sing. Its melody was so delightful, so melodious, I came immediately to such a still place inside myself. There were no other sounds for me – just this little bird’s song. I realized at that moment, that a beautiful creature like this tiny bird sings his call and everyone understands it. There is no translation needed, no dictionary to look up nor neighbour to ask what is he singing about….. [...]

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A 40 Day Chant for Abundance, Peace, Health and Spiritual Realization for All in the New Year!

Today I am going to start a 40-day Mantra Discipline that will end on New Year’s Eve. I am chanting for Abundance, Peace, Health and Spiritual Realization in the New Year for all. Will you join me? Starting today the discipline will end on New Year's Eve. Here are the Mantras I will be doing: 1. Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha 2. Om Gum Shrim MahaLakshmiyei Namah 3. Om Vakra Tundaya Hum 4. Om Shri Davantre Namaha 5. Om Vajra Sattwa Hung 6. Om Astai Shvaryayei Namaha [...]

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Abundance is yours….

Some people come to the spiritual path through working with Sanskrit Mantras to change their relationship with and experience of Abundance. So for that reason, I love working with people that wish to transform this part of their lives and to see the changes that can happen in their lives if they are willing to do some work. Often when they see the changes in their bank account, and also the shifts in their consciousness, they are hooked and they want more of the spiritual benefits. [...]

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The Great Gayatri

The story goes, that at the beginning of time, shortly after the creation of the universe, there was the first fire ceremony performed by the ancient Rishis (sages). It was during this fire ceremony that the four Vedas were imparted, the 50 Sanskrit alphabet which makes up all Sanskrit Mantras and the Gayatri Mantra. The Gayatri Devi is known as the Mother of the Vedas, the source of Divine Wisdom. The Gayatri Mantra is the great calling of spiritual light into the practitioner. It petitions the [...]

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Transforming your financial karma

Today it seems you can’t open a newspaper or news web site without being inundated with the financial woes of the world. So many of us are concerned about our financial futures. Whatever the world is going through in its financial Lila – play – of the day, once we have the understanding that everything in this world is karma, we can step back out of the fray and consider our options. Sanskrit Mantra is the ancient practice of repeating the names of the Divine. In my [...]

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3 Sanskrit Mantras for Abundance

The Dvine Goddess Lakshmi – Goddess of Abundance 3 Sanskrit Mantras for Abundance These last few years have been a true challenge financially for many. We have seen our financial systems waver on the brink of devastation. Even today, we are witnesses to the European financial struggle which is hurting so many lives in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. But how is it that during these tumultuous times there seems to be many who continue on with their lives in great abundance. That there [...]

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A Peaceful Mind and addictions

Oftentimes, we are saddled in this life with a challenging problem like an eating issue that makes us too big or too thin for us, or a smoking habit that we just can’t shake. And while the medical community does their best to help, we become acutely aware that it is our minds that are the problem. Once we have figured that it is our minds that need to transform – that our thinking needs to be cleaned up and that our choices all stem from [...]

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