Karma – what is it and how can Mantra help.

We hear the word ‘Karma’ bandied around in our culture so much. ‘Karma’s a bitch’ or ‘Hey, it’s Karma – what comes around goes around!’ There is this not so subtle idea that Karma is a vengeful and unforgiving force in the universe – out to get YOU! This is not the case. Karma is likened to a beautiful sandy beach where the tide has just been in and is slowly ebbing out. A large seagull walks upon it looking for things to eat and leaves [...]

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A Peaceful Mind and addictions

Oftentimes, we are saddled in this life with a challenging problem like an eating issue that makes us too big or too thin for us, or a smoking habit that we just can’t shake. And while the medical community does their best to help, we become acutely aware that it is our minds that are the problem. Once we have figured that it is our minds that need to transform – that our thinking needs to be cleaned up and that our choices all stem from [...]

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