Why do we do seva or selfless service?

Most people get the reason why we meditate. They can understand it’s relevance to the spiritual path – going deeper into one’s own being. Also, with the practice of Mantra repetition, once they understand how these spiritual sounds affect us, they can easily see how important Mantra repetition is to our spiritual sadhana or path. But when it comes to Seva or Selfless Service –  people can get confused. Seva is the simple task of offering our time and talents to our highest ideal without any [...]

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The different ways of saying Mantras

When repeating Mantras it helps to figure out what’s the best way to say them for you. There are four ways to repeat Mantras and do Japa Yoga: The first is to repeat the mantra out loud. This is known as Vaikhari Japa. Most beginning students and adepts alike use this form of Japa. First find a quiet peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed, sitting either in a yoga meditation posture or on a chair, gather your mala and start saying the Mantra out loud. [...]

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