A 40 Day Chant for Abundance, Peace, Health and Spiritual Realization for All in the New Year!

Today I am going to start a 40-day Mantra Discipline that will end on New Year’s Eve. I am chanting for Abundance, Peace, Health and Spiritual Realization in the New Year for all. Will you join me? Starting today the discipline will end on New Year's Eve. Here are the Mantras I will be doing: 1. Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha 2. Om Gum Shrim MahaLakshmiyei Namah 3. Om Vakra Tundaya Hum 4. Om Shri Davantre Namaha 5. Om Vajra Sattwa Hung 6. Om Astai Shvaryayei Namaha [...]

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Claiming Your Centeredness During the Holidays

The holidays are a crazy time of year for many. All the hustle and bustle of office parties and buying gifts, the dread or excitement of spending time with family members. We sometimes can get caught up in thinking, yet again, that our source of happiness lies outside of ourselves and so we get slack and lazy with our spiritual practice. Ah! Samsara…. she’s so seductive. For others, the Holidays are a time of sadness. Maybe they lost a loved one during a past holiday season. Or they find [...]

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Protection of your Meditation Space

Our space in which we live and meditate is very important to our spiritual path. It’s our nest in many ways – the safe place where we can be honest with ourselves and just let go and go deep. Sometimes though spaces have their own ‘Karma’ – whether it be good or bad – and when we find that is it is negative and affecting our meditations, it’s time to clean that energy out. Sanskrit Mantra is very powerful for this kind of thing. During one [...]

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Opening the Heart through Compassion for Oneself

Compassion is one of the main teachings of Buddhism. Compassion for other beings and for oneself. We can be so hard on ourselves which makes it difficult for our heart to open. When we show ourselves compassion in the face of the startling clarity of self-introspection when we love all that stuff inside us that disappoints. When we truly have the patience for our own shortcomings and subsequent bruised ego – only then can we really be there and have compassion for others. Only then can [...]

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Dismantling the Debris

Our true nature is that of perfection. In Buddhism, it is called Buddha Nature – the primordial bases for everything. But as human beings, most of us suffer from dualistic views of our experiences. Our ego twists and warps the energy of our life until it is a barely recognizable form of the reality of things. Our job on the spiritual path is to dismantle all this debris. These outmoded thought concepts, the faulty thinking, these facades that shroud our true nature – the masks we [...]

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Time and the Yugas

I was requested to write this blog about the Yugas by one of my students. What are the Yugas and how do they affect us here and now? Well according to the Vedas, an excellent explanation is given to time and how time is counted in Vedic terms. In the Vedas, time is divided up into long cycles and short cycles thought of as seasons of consciousness i.e. winter, spring, summer and fall. In the long cycles, the winter season is called Kali Yuga. It lasts [...]

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Why Sanskrit Mantra Works – Part 3.

Last week, I spoke about how the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna were the three main Nadis in the Pranic Body. This week we are going to talk about the 6 main Chakras that reside in those places where the three supreme Nadis intersect. Chakras are these energy vortexes within the pranic body. They are like energy distribution centres – concentrated psychic energy whirlpools of different coloured vibrational light. They take in energy and distribute it to the appropriate places around the body systems. Chakra in Sanskrit [...]

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Why Sanskrit Mantra works – Part 2.

So last week I explained how Sanskrit Mantra works with regards to the spiritual tradition of the Sanskrit language and also the creative power behind it as well. This week, I’d like to go into a more nuts and bolts approach to how Sanskrit Mantra effects our bodies and our spiritual nature. First, I’d like to say that, I will only be touching this topic in a very general way, as really to go into depth on the subject would look more like a book than [...]

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Why Sanskrit Mantra works – Part 1.

Sound is the creative force of the universe and beyond. Through sound, we shape our world, the world we experience on the outside and the world that feels more hidden, on the inside. (Though they are one and the same – this is how we experience things – separate.) Through sound in the form of speech, we communicate our ideas, thoughts, and create our lives. Think about it…. have you ever chosen where to live without talking about it first? – putting your ideal place to [...]

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All about Malas

Malas are a great tool in Mantra Yoga. They help you keep count of your repetitions. But that’s not all, there is a lot associated with malas, with their care and upkeep and their significance in your practice. A mala is a string of 108 beads of either wood, seeds, pearls or semi-precious/precious stones. It has a 109th bead which is called the Meru bead which sits at the head of the mala. It is said to be that bead that retains all the energy of [...]

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