Meditation Recommendations from a 40-Year Practitioner

We all want to go DEEP in meditation, and I have found that creating your meditation space properly to facilitate you going into that innermost place, is a real grounded approach to doing just that. There just comes a time when you need your meditation space to really support your practice. It is something for me that has been evolving over the last 40 years. At first - it was just about sitting and meditating regularly but then it came to be about creating a space [...]

Meditation Recommendations from a 40-Year Practitioner2019-08-26T17:51:11+03:00

Using Sankrit mantra in Meditation practice.

So far we have discussed how to use Sanskrit Mantras as spiritual disciplines by themselves. Today, I thought we could talk about using them in Meditation, doing two disciplines at the same time. Sanskrit Mantra has been used in Meditation for millennia. It has a different feel though from normal recitations. First, we sit ready for meditation. Let your mind relax and start to focus on your breath. As your nervous system relaxes and you feel the calm starting to descend, you can begin to introduce [...]

Using Sankrit mantra in Meditation practice.2019-08-04T15:03:33+03:00