Blessed Handmade Faceted Clear Quartz 54 semi precious gem double knotted Mala with a faceted Clear Quartz Meru bead and flanked by pink jade. A 24k gold vermeil Meru bead cap sits on top of the Clear Quartz Meru bead. Light delicate salmony pink Tassel. This is a mala for Divine connection and healing.

Clear Quartz is the Master Healer healing stone. It connects you with your higher purpose. Clear quartz raises your vibration and connects you spiritually.

Pink Jade is the goddess stone – It soothes the mind, releases negativity, stabilizes the mood and can increase love. It offers a nurturing energy that creates feelings of tranquility, and aids us with insightful dreams. In this mala it is situated at the half point of the mala – you do not count the pink jade beads – they are there as a support and a reminder.

Aly of The Way of Mantra has been a meditation practitioner for over 40 years and a Mantra Teacher for 17 years. She started making malas for her students in 2010. She puts her blessings, mantras and best visions for your spiritual development within her malas.